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"Eclipses/Ellipses & Consummation"                       second single from

'Recurring Dream: The Roughest Hue Revisited' (arriving summer 2016)

lyrics: jar-e

vocals + music: h.u.e 

In January 2012,

h.u.e began the ambitious task of covering

jar-e's 2001 debut cassette 'The Roughest Hue'.


Digging through crates to find the original liner notes and dusty collage artwork,

h.u.e committed to re-interpret one of jar-e's most under-appreciated releases.


Slated for Summer 2016 release,

this project will also mark the 15th anniversary of

the duo's Processions collaboration.


all lyrics: jar-e (c) 2001
vocals + music: h.u.e (c) 2012

*disposable camera photo credit: h.u.e (c) 2005, MS River, NOLA

The acronym h.u.e represents "hope-uplifts-everything".

As an interdisciplinary artist uniquely rooted in hip hop culture, h.u.e utilizes four disciplines to create compositions with a unified aesthetic. 

1. MUSICAL ART ("Rural-Hip Hop-Blues") 

2. PERFORMANCE ART (Street, Therapeutic, and Comedy) 

3. VISUAL ART (tempera, gauche, watercolors on found mediums) 

4. WRITTEN ART (Creative writing, Community development essays)


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I face the direction of the setting sun
Is that west, I forgot
Sometimes I fake it like
I’m the lot, or the one
Receptacle for godliness
For what’s opposite
So what you provoking
I’m open like a cavern or cave
Scream deep in and
What echoes is the reflection of your name
Portrait of the pain
Template of the love
Feral not tame,
Accumulated like rain

I wax like the moon
As these tracks I consume
Feel the harmony swoon
Like an oboe bassoon
Spoon new tunes like sugar
from my sweet seeded womb
zoom through reality rooms
like space age ship doom
flights soon taking off
drums and precedence stalks
like the squawking of hawks or crows
off i go from where i’m sitting or standing
i sow and i know and i blow
like wind through horns
i storm through mornings and mourn
more sure warnings i warm
the dawn sunrising manifolding
manifezing realizing my size and
repeating and frenzied greeting it mixes
and swishes like a cow’s tail
whapping the flies
cuz i i’m fly like birds in the sky
a million questions
and only 1 reply, and that’s “I”


Go to a place
Where no one else can find me
Put your name in the wind
And the sand can find your belly
Stand with my hand
My hands and body naked
Now I’m a man
And a form of confrontation

I want, I want, I want, I want, I want…
I want, I want, I want, I want, I want…
I want, I want, I want, I want, I want…
I want, I want, I want, I want, I want…
I want, I want, I want…

Sleep in the sand
Sleek and silhouetted
Sea side, sea sand, exact and consummated
See how we breathe
The light that eats all meaning
Send come back
And my voice is swimming at you now

In your space
Only the moon can find me
Try as it may
The sun can never shine me
That’s how I say
That the earth is just a pebble
Silence stay,
And the rain will ease your crying

h.u.e a.r.t